Major Rain Storm on the way! (little wind too)

100 to 200mm of rain expected between this evening and through Monday.

That’s faster than what we had in November, so be prepared for flooding in your basement.

There will also be some wind, but it doesn’t look to strong right now. Keep updated though.

We will be redirecting our downspout to the backyard so our basement doesn’t flood.

Good luck everyone stay dry! πŸ˜€

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26 thoughts on “Major Rain Storm on the way! (little wind too)

  1. looking forward to it -love the sound of a heavy rainfall on the tin roof!!! …and thanks for the heads up – going to clear out the drains right now!

  2. same amount as me. Looks like the meat of it is on its way, the satellite picture looks like theres a lot coming up from the southwest in the next 6 hours or so.

  3. i want to kill you guys omg. My basement is going to flood, weee that does sound like fun <.<

  4. Thank you, Bakken, I don’t understand you people who seem to be happy about major rain…do YOUR basements not flood? Must be nice…I would rather have snow! At least snow won’t destroy the stuff in your basement!

  5. Hey guys, please do not take what is only meant in fun as anything too serious.

    In our case we *did* have the very unpleasant experience in November of our basement flooding… smelly carpets, ruined books and cold, sore hands from mopping, scooping and digging.

    All types of weather can cause all types of unpleasantness and danger. A little good natured sillyness is hopefully more healthy than harmful!

    Cheers. And hopes for a dry basement!


  6. And to be sure, it looks like things are picking up out there.

    A few bursts over 10mm/hr now.

    When we get over 20 or 30mm/hr you’ll really hear it on the roof and see it running down the road.

  7. sure wish i had a wind gauge out here, it is screaming in Clayoquot Sound. I can see the glass in the sliding doors actually flexing. Marine forecast was calling for 55 knot winds, that’s over 100kph, certainly sounds like it outside…

    of course Tofino’s “current conditions” are “Not available” πŸ™

  8. Wow.

    Hang tight and safe out there kat! The rain just died off here. I’m wondering if that might be a signal that the wind is coming next… but we’re not forecast to get too much here.

  9. Wow, Kat, my station is showing we’re getting an average of 11kts of wind here from the SE. I guess we’re too protected here in town to get the real winds. Besides, the “current conditions” are from the airport, which is why I have my own system.;)

  10. Sorry Bakken and Leanne – I had my basement flood two years ago. A piano I had since I was five that meant everything to me, was destroyed. The mess and damage was huge, but I still LOVE a good rainfall – maybe I was a duck in my last life! LOL! I love storms and such – I see them as a challenge to find more ways to battle them (ie toys like my quad w/plow, 4×4, generator system, etc) I guess if you don’t like rain and wind, the westcoast is a rather silly place to choose to live!

  11. you sure you didn’t mean 3rd?

    So… since I last commented here…. I spent a couple hours sucking water out of my basement with the new shopvac we got from my parents (so we would stop borrowing theres for nights like tonight!).

    However, the rain gods have smiled on us a little… I took the vacuum to the back corner downspout that drains the whole thing and captured a hwole mit full of rocks.

    A mitful about the size of 4 or 5 mitfuls of our 2 year old child. πŸ™‚

    So there you go… basement issue solved. Everything is flowing again… OUT of the basement.

    It is my sincere hope that good basement luck come to all of you too!

    While I was dumping buckets of water I noticed the peak wind of 66. Be interesting to see if we get any more than that.

  12. Well, that’d be applicable to 3rd as well, but when it really rains, all the water coming off of Russell Field by Echo just pour onto 10th Ave… bewhere of steelhead swimming up the road! πŸ˜‰

    Our dish (Starchoice/Shaw Direct, whatever the hell they call themselves these days) was out briefly as well around 9pm… was a good cloud burst. If I didn’t know any better, I would have thought the Martin Mars were doing water drops on town.

  13. sucking water out with a shop-vac as i type =/
    thanks for the warning so i didnt go to my basement with 2+ feet of water like in 2006, hip deep that was.
    doing alright now but if the power goes out i think i will have a heart attack

  14. It seems Port Alberni is getting the brunt of this one. We clocked something shy of 40mm yesterday, and so far today only 20mm have been recorded. Certainly not the 200mm that was forecast for us. Unless Mommy Nature has something up her sleeve!

  15. You sure that fancy new device of yours is working!? πŸ˜‰ (ooo.. to sow doubt is so much fun… mmmuuuuaahahahha)

    Sounds like there was more wind out there than we got here anyway. πŸ™‚

  16. You know Chris, I was asking myself that same question this afternoon. I’m wondering if maybe it’s off kilter a little bit, and the buckets aren’t tipping properly. I’m thinking when all this rain finally dies off I might pull the bucket off and check the level – make sure it’s actually level. That post it’s on may have shifted.

  17. I noticed that Chris’s rooftop bucket is reporting less than mine. I just rainout 58mm on Sunday and 89mm for Monday.

    Either way its wet.

  18. Mike:

    lol. I know exactly how you feel. I’m constantly paranoid that I am underreporting… this is why I want to get my rain bucket off the roof. I’m sure in strong wind that I underreport the rain, which is probably why I’m below Nicks totals.

    the pressure!

  19. Well, since we have little rain out there, I’m going to take a gander at the level in the rain gauge, and make sure the bubble is in the circle. We did have some strong winds yesterday, which I imagine accounts for some loss of reporting (rain misses bucket) but the ISS is located in a sheltered area, so you’d think it would be accurate.

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