Light snow today – Then back in the deep freeze

It’s snowing on the East Side in patches as Strait Effect seems to be coming online…..



There was light snow and slushy sections on Highway 4 and Highway 19 this morning, especially on the Port Alberni side of the hump and in the Parksville and Nanoose area. It is also snowing lightly in Parksville, whether it was sticking on the road depended on road temperature which made for some dangerous patches. Drive safely.

After todays moisture clears out we will get back into an Arctic blast pattern but Port Alberni may stay in the fog today.

There are Arctic outflow warnings for the Fraser Valley and Howe Sound. That will give the potential for Strait effect snowfall in Nanaimo but it does not appear likely at this point.   It will make it feel very cold though on the East side.

It should be sunny Wednesday and Thursday but there is a chance the fog will stick around in Port Alberni and keep our temperature almost constant around freezing.

There is a chance for yet another bout of snowfall on Saturday! When will this winter end?! 🙂

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1 thought on “Light snow today – Then back in the deep freeze

  1. March 21 or thereabouts! I empathize with those who have to slog through this stuff (or skate, as the case may be) and remember how fearsome it all appeared to a wayward Californian the first few years of my BC residency, It seems rather unfortunate that we don’t set up our patterns of work and play to adjust to such things as atmospheric phenomena and geological events, but much of what we do doesn’t make a great deal of sense.

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