Hey all.

There will be intermittent updates today as I’m moving servers around a little. Webcam and graphs shouldn’t be affected, only current information will be a little delayed.

Watch for snow!

UPDATE (Monday Night):

The Weather Server has been moved to it’s (hopefully) permanent location on it’s (hopefully) permanent box. (A nice, low power, Linksys NSLU2.. cool huh!). When it restarts, the weather server checks it’s archives, “back-to-front”, this is why the Graphs have not updated. It will take a few hours more before the server catches up.

Weather wise! Currently it’s calm out, with light flurries. The forecast is a doozy, snow, freezing rain, wind, rain, more rain, and more snow!

We’ll see how everything pans out, there will likely be an updated forecast at 10PM if there is indeed stormy conditions imminent on the South Coast.

UPDATE (Tuesday 6:10AM):

It’s raining more heavily now, some freezing rain here… likely snow out at the Lake. We have about 4cm on the ground, and the roads are very slushy.

I have readded the Highway 4 Cam to the bottom of the page. It was popular and it’s handy there.

Starting to get a little bit of wind out of the East. Which is odd.. that’s a direction we don’t often get… the strong wind is forecast to come from the West.

Definitely going to be an interesting day! Stay tuned…

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15 thoughts on “Intermittent Updates today

  1. Happy to be aboard! Just hope this all happens, my family and workmates are getting a little sick of me and my weather obsession. I can’t help it though, i am forever looking out the window and watching forcasts…..sometimes, don’t sleep if something is forcast. I’ts an addiction I swear.

  2. Ya, they’ve done that in the past, only with severe weather (wind, snow or rain) though, and only if it is going to hit the South Coast.

  3. Sometimes it’s 9, sometimes 10, sometimes 11… but it’s usually somewhere in there if they feel the weather warrants.

  4. lol… ditto.

    I just asked my wife if I was obsessed… without looking up from her homework she just raised her eyebrows and said “yes”.

  5. Hi Eve, you sound just like me! I leave a page open on my PC dedicated to weather browsing. I constantly monitor EC and here 🙂 as well as numourous others. I’m wondering if everyone is from a different area where the weather was more severe? I’m from Sask but lived all over.

    We’re getting a mix of freezing rain and snow here at this time…no wind at all.

  6. Hi all. Ya I live out Beaver Creek, lol the Beaver Creek Weather Geek. It’s pouring rain, on top of also about 4cm of snow. It does however say 0 on my sundeck. Yuck, what a mess. just waitin’ for the wind to kick in….hope I don’t have to wait too long. Have a good one all!

  7. I just got back from dropping my hubbie off and it’s a mix of snow and rain along the way…messy stuff! The highway is worse than streets up town.
    Getting ready for wind too… I just untangled my wind chimes from last wind storm.
    LOL @ Creek Weather Geek!

  8. Rain and wind here in Nanaimo.no snow on the ground. lol @ beaver creek weather geek. When I lived there I was a creeker too lol.

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