My apologies. Over the past few weeks it seems as though the website has become a little less reliable in terms of loading? At least that’s the impression I’m getting from my email logs I automatically get when some enters and can’t load any data?

Is this peoples experience?

I suspect it is, and so I’m going to take steps to fix things but it will take me a little time to implement. Probably a couple weeks. Until then, my apologies for the intermittent-ness of the website. All I can say is, as the “webmaster”, it really bugs me! (and I blame it mainly on switching to Shaw instead of Telus… but that’s another debate entirely).

On the good news side though… get ready for some real spring-like weather! Very nice mid-teens temperatures look set to come our way! I think that is good enough to make this the first (intentional 😉 ) “HOT” post of the year!

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6 thoughts on “Intermittent alberniweather loading…

  1. Seems to sometimes lag when loading the forecast on the left side. Also died while trying to post my comment eariler this morning.

  2. Yea Chris, sometimes there are error messages in black type across the top and nothing on the page is lined up. The next few days should feel nice and warm, but keep in mind that the record highs are in the low twenties! We broke a record low on Saturday with -4.

  3. Ya, that happens when the upload from my house to the webserver is interrupted and the source file is only partially there, that’s what I’m trying to fix.

    The file is only used for “Instantaneous” readings… my fix will be to move that into a new table in the database where the rest of the data is.

    That way, if an upload is interrupted it will simply grab the last update from the database.

    Its too bad it looks like they’ve moderated the forecast a little. Monday and Tuesday went from 20 and 21 to 16 and 18.

    The record for March is 23.3 (1994) for the Somass Airport and 22.5 (same day 1994) for Robertson Creek.

  4. Of course… if it were later in the morning I would have noticed that it hasn’t been MARCH for 5 days now…

    The record for April is 29 in 1998… but that was set at the end of the month, it’s a lot harder to find the daily records which is quite likely to be in the low twenties.

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