It was a fantastic weekend of sunny weather. I’m probably not the only one that got a bit of colour on my cheeks from it. We also competed for hotspot in BC. Our official high of 18.6°C on Saturday lost out to Cultis Lake but on Sunday we reached 20.9°C which was a new short term daily record at the airport beating 17.8°C set in 2000.


In fact there were a number of records broken yesterday all over the province some as far back as 1992 at Agassiz and Saturna Capmon and others from 1995 in Dease Lake and 1998 at Estevan Point and West Vancouver.

So it was definitely warm for April 13th.

It won’t be quite as warm today. It should be nice most of the day and should reach around 15°C depending how much cloud rolls in in the afternoon.

We should stay dry today but Tuesday morning and afternoon we will see some light showers amounting to just a couple millimetres.


More significant rainfall will come Thursday morning. I will address that tomorrow.

Red Moon – Lunar Eclipse Tonight

If we are lucky and the clouds are not too widespread then make sure you check out the moon when it rises over Mt. Arrowsmith after sundown. There will be a lunar eclipse tonight, when the moon slides through the Earth’s Shadow.

The moon will start to enter the earths shadow, and turn red, at 10:20PM (PDT). It will be partially eclipsed by 10:58PM and fully eclipsed, almost totally black, at 12:07AM and then it will start to emerge again.

Will we see it? Well we will have to be lucky to see the beginning but we should be better for the end if you are willing to stay up for it. The models say there will be clouds moving over us all day but there could be a break in around 8PM.


By 11PM the back end of the front is visible just to the west of us. So if this moves through a little quicker than predicted we could see almost the whole eclipse.


By 2AM it is pretty clear, so barring any fog you will be able to see the red moon as it exits the shadows.


Happy Red Moon Monday!

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