Hot Spot Weather Continues – Until Wednesday/Thursday – Strongest Hurricane Ever to hit Baja

We had the privilege of being the hot spot in Canada on Saturday and Sunday and we have a good shot at it today.

We should get to a high of around 31º C which could break our short term record at the Airport for the day of 29.6º C in 1995.   It won’t beat our all time record for the day in the Valley which was set on September 15, 1951 in Beaver Creek.  Other records for the day are 31.0º C at Robertson Creek in 1995 and 29.4º C in 1918, 1929 and 1943 at Port Alberni City Hall.

The real question though is when is it going to change?

The answer lies, as it often does, with the jet stream.  Instead of lazily looping and meandering above or below us, by Thursday it will be pointed squarely at us.

Jet Sept 15 2014

And that should provide us relief from the heat, and some wind and showers as well.

It doesn’t look yet like we are going to get significant rainfall, but we will see as the day approaches.  The hot weather though is definitely coming to an end in time for the first day of fall this weekend.

Oh, and one more thing worth mentioning:

Last night, Hurricane Odile became the strongest hurricane to ever hit the Baja Peninsula in Mexico, currently actually tied for strongest with Olivia in 1967.

If you want an impressive and harrowing tale of what it’s like to live through a direct hit of a Category 3 Hurricane, click the link above.  Pretty crazy stuff.  No doubt the damage will be heavy.  I know lots of people who vacation in that part of the world, and my dad lives near Puerto Vallarta these days (which only received rain… but lots of it).  Hopefully damage is not as bad as it could be.

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