Mon. Oct 14th, 2019

Happy Groundhog Day!

  • Vancouver Island Inland Sections Forecast - No watches or warnings in effect.

    Forecast Issued 4:00 PM PDT Monday 14 October 2019 - Monday night: Cloudy. Low 7. Tuesday: Cloudy. Rain beginning in the morning. High 12. UV index 1 or low. Tuesday night: Periods of rain. Temperature steady near 12. Wednesday: Rain. High 15. Wednesday night: Rain. Low 8. Thursday: Showers. High 13. Thursday night: Rain. Low 8. Friday: Rain. High 12. Friday night: Rain. Low 6. Saturday: Cloudy with 60 percent chance of showers. High 12. Saturday night: Cloudy with 60 percent chance of showers. Low 6. Sunday: Cloudy with 70 percent chance of showers. High 12.

  • Current Conditions
    10.4° C
    0.1 ° C/hr
    101.61 kPa
    N/A 0 km/h
    gusting 0 km/h
    88 %
    Rain Rate
    0.0 mm/hr
    Wind Chill
    10.4° C
    Heat Index
    10.4° C
    8.5° C
    0 W/m2
    Last Updated: 23:30:00 PST
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  • Today's Almanac
    Rain since Midnight
    0.0 mm
    Continuous Rainfall (< 24hr gap)
    No Qualifying Rainfall mm
    Civil Rise
    Moon Phase
    Full (98% full)
    Civil Set
    Day Length
    Day High
    14.7° C @ 14:43 Tdy.
    Day Low
    4.3° C @ 07:53 Tdy.
    Day High Rain Rate
    Day High Barometer
    101.92 kPa @ 10:14 Tdy.
    Day Low Barometer
    101.61 kPa @ 23:29 Tdy.
    Day Low Windchill
    4.3° C @ 07:53 Tdy.
    Day High Heat Index
    14.7° C @ 14:43 Tdy.
    Day High Wind Gust
    S 9km/h @ 13:50 Tdy.
    Day High Solar Radiation
    733W/m2 @ 12:50 Tdy.
    Day High UV Index
    2.9 @ 12:48 Tdy.

I’m hoping that we get a little bit of the white stuff tonight before we turn to straight rain tomorrow.

For all you rodent watchers out there, the Groundhogs have NOT seen their shadow, so spring will be coming early. Personally, I think the giant blizzard that continues to move across the East Coast and Maritimes has something different in mind. šŸ™‚

Around these parts, we’ll get some rain over the next few days. Not a large amount. In general, it will continue to be a pretty low-key forecast.

6 thoughts on “Happy Groundhog Day!

  1. Chris: I’ve never understood this groundhog thing, but if he sees his shadow doesn’t that mean we WILL get more winter? What we really need is a resident Port Alberni groundhog, or maybe a fish or a bear who can see it’s shadow.

  2. Maybe if spring comes early to the east then winter will come back to the west. We need a ridge to pump up in the east so that a trough will be forced down in the west. The gfs as hinted at this in the long range but keeps pushing it back in the forecast. Brett Anderson at accuweather (who seems to be a strong believer in the european model) hinted at some warming in the east and cooling in the west starting around the 15th of february. Only time will tell. I still think there is some cold and snow to be had for us here on the westcoast.

  3. O.K. Monty, I like the way you think!
    But will it pan out? For some reason I have been drawn to extreme weather since I was a little kid………..Australia, last night was probably a little extreme but I still find myself in awe of the wind and the awesome force of nature, not to mention the snow/wind/ice storm in the mid-west/east. All I really need is a little bit of some kind of exciting weather………it has been such a snore here! I, on the other hand am also glued to the the situation in Egypt and the rest of the Middle East……..Maybe I am just a “Drama Queen”? Sorry but the Canucks are winning and the men in my house are glued.

  4. its as if I had said it eve…. i think we’re cut from the same cloth! lol If I was somewhat weaker willed I’d be posting blogs about Egypt here while the weather was dull…. and maybe the Canucks too šŸ™‚

    I watched Yasi until 12:30AM last night…paying for it now…. part of me wishes I was there… a much larger part is glad I’m not.

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