GoPro setup for permanent time lapse

I’m hoping that this will be the near-final configuration for the webcam.

Here is my little GoPro HD camera that is now the webcam for

Here is it in its box (to give a little protection from the sun).


And here’s the actual camera. It’s plugged into a USB charger to give it power (it has a battery of course, but it only lasts a few hours with my setup)


The little green light is on the part I just got today. It’s a timer controller board that plugs directly into the port on the GoPro. Very nifty little device. You can get it from here. Its a homemade board with a simple bit of circuitry on it that allows it to turn on and off the camera with any period I want.

Here’s a close up:


You can also see the orange SD card inserted on the side of the camera. That’s the EyeFi card.

The challenges I had to overcome were the battery life, the camera heating up and turning off, and the EyeFi card deleting pictures as it downloads them so the card never fills.

The controller should take care of this by only turning the camera on long enough to take a picture; for EyeFi to upload the picture; and for EyeFi to cleanup the card. For now, I have it on for 20 seconds, then off for 30. Ill likely be adjusting it, but I’m hopeful everything will work out!

See ya!

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2 thoughts on “GoPro setup for permanent time lapse

  1. Neat setup, Chris.

    I just replaced my webcam a few weeks ago. The old Dlink bit the bit one, so I put up a new TrentNet webcam in a proper enclosure. Even though it’s the same resolution (640×480) the picture is way better.


  2. Ya the webcams have improved greatly since I bought my netcam back in 2005.  I’ve got pretty fixated on getting an HD apparatus though, the SLR cameras spoiled me 🙂 

    I was sold on the GoPro because of its ability to take timelapse so easily and its insanely wideangle lens.

    The EyeFi card has been the biggest disappointment.  Its stated ‘unlimited’ space (where it deletes old images as the card fills) has major limitations not the least of which being the camera has to be power cycled for the deletions to happen.  The little controller board looks to be taking care of that issue.

    The board will also hopefully keep the camera from overheating and shutting itself off and if it does shut off it’ll turn it back on.

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