What is the weather today?


Do you look at the weather?

Weather Watcher Program



Who has Twitter? If you see bad weather you can tweet to #bcstorm


Did you know that there has been a weather station in Port Alberni for over 100 Years?  So lets go see what the weather was like 100 years ago on October 21, 1915.

Since we have 100 years of information that lets us ‘expect’ things.  Like that it’s going to rain in Port Alberni pretty often in the winter!  Or that it is really hot in the summer.  But “Climate Change” might mess that up a little bit.

Humans can’t always be looking at the weather so what do we do? We make machines that do it for us!

Island weather


There is even a station here at your school!

All these stations feed a big computer that takes all that information, mixes it with old information that we gathered before and information from satellites and puts it into big pictures.

here is University of Washington.