Forecast change. Rain invades. Gardens rejoice.

I noticed a change in the latest model projections last night before I went to bed.  And lo and behold this morning I awoke to the sound of rain pelting on the roof.

We have already received around 10mm of rain.  The model now says we will get up to 16mm (0.64in) of rain between this morning and Wednesday morning,


The majority of that should fall before noon as a cell of rain showers moves from southeast to northwest up the Island.

image image

Once that passes through we might get a few bits of drizzle or showers off and on for the rest of the day but that will be mostly it.

We look dry and getting hotter through the rest of the week.  There is again some disagreement between the UWash models and Environment Canada for how hot it will get on the weekend but it will no doubt be near 30°C no matter what.

Happy Tuesday all!

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