Fog fog go away, let that warm sun shine through!

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are looking pretty fantastic if, and it’s a big if, we can shed the morning fog.

I’m using a product from the amazing UW slate this morning that predicts the moisture content of clouds from surface to 3000ft. This, I would think, should give a good indication of fog cover.

Here is the image for this morning 8AM. You can see moisture near the Valley and hanging around much of the island.


An even simpler and maybe more reliable measure is Relative humidity. Anytime you are over 90% humidity you have a pretty good chance to have fog or low cloud. (Right now as I type the station is reporting 98% humidity).

Here is the relative humidity for 8AM this morning. Blues are over 90%.


But does it go away you ask? Yup. By 11AM, the low cloud is nearly gone and relative humidity is dropping to the 60% range.


By 2PM we are below 50% humidity which should mean clear blue sky.


By 5PM we bottom out at around 40%. The grass should be dry and wholly mowable now. 🙂


So it’s going to be sunny? Yup. That means it will be warm too, but how warm?


The model has us topping out as high as 56°F, 13.3°C with points down the inlet getting even warmer!

And the next couple days? Less fog, more sun! There is no low cloud and humidity stays low in the mornings so tomorrow we should peak at…


That will be our peak for the week. Wednesday is set to come back to around 13°C for a high and Thursday some rain showers are likely to return with slightly lower temperatures.

A great start to the week!

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  1. That sounds great Chris! You realize everyone’s going to be holding you to this now! 🙂

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