Flurries likely – Weather Sation coming home – no Tsunami

The winds are shifting to the Northwest. In fact there is a Gale warning in effect for the South part of the West Coast with gales up to 30knots today. Brrrr.

We were zero here in the Valley this morning. Any precipitation that falls is likely to be white or at least slushy. Luckily, the northwest winds have brought a lot more dry air, so there is no chance of any significant accumulation today, tonight, or Sunday.

Here are 1hr snowfall images for Tonight and Sunday. . We are looking at no more than 1cm each of those nights. (0.5in). Not likely to be enough for anyone to win the snow contest.


I haven’t mentioned what’s up for tomorrow, Saturday. The EC forecast is calling for Sun and highs at a chilly 1C. I am hoping that this comes to fruition but I’m going to go out on a limb and say there might be some fog around to spoil the show. Hopefully not, but don’t be too surprised.


In other news, MY WEATHER STATION IS ON ITS WAY HOME. Yes, I am excited. It will have been almost a month by the time it arrives next week sometime. This was a lot longer than I had originally hoped and I ended up missing out on the heaviest rains of the fall. Oh well, I will be glad to get it back. Unfortunately they didn’t give me a tracking number for the shipment home so I can’t put up the tracking of where it is. I am hopeful it gets here by next Friday so I can reinstall it over next weekend.

And one final thing…

There was a 7.3 Earthquake in Japan around midnight last night (our time). There was a small tsunami generated but there is no tsunami watch or warning for our region.

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