We were out and about late this morning and noticed some flakes in the air. Strange, considering it’s supposed to be clear above the fog… But it was a nice wintry moment. It’s going to stay wintry for another day then the week may bring us some snow or cold rain.

I’m leaning towards snow for us at this point especially if our fog sticks around and locks in the cold a little longer (locks out the sun effectively).

The GFS is calling for two shots of precipitation, a small one on Tuesday and another on Friday. The later one is supposed to be a little stronger so has more potential for rain rather than snow.

The interesting part is that afterwards… Into next week, we have some very cold weather… Colder than it has been… on tap. This is a consistent theme across Western North America so I have pretty good confidence in it. So who knows… Maybe this Friday will turn out a little colder… And a lot snowier than currently predicted.

Could be a fun week! Happy New Year!

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27 thoughts on “Flakes in the air, more coming

  1. “Very cold weather”? Ominous, considering we blew the previous low temp record away last night @-9.

  2. I’m betting it’ll be a little snow on Wednesday, a lot of rain on friday, and then into the deep freeze with flurries the next week. How about another contest for next big snowfall?

  3. Oh boy! We’re currently at -3.4c (at this writing)! It gets much colder and my furnace is gonna have hissies trying to keep the house warm! Yikes!

  4. Ya I’m up over 100kWh a day now with baseboard heaters… Thats when I know they really working to keep up.

    The good news is the model has backed off a little next week and we are only getting down to the same -10c min range.

    But it has also pumped up the storm on the weekend to be a llot stronger and wetter than before. This could be a classic dump of snow followed by slush and rain…. Before we go back into the freezer.

    Fun stuff.

  5. That’s okay, I’m already second-guessing myself. Environment Canada is calling for over 10 cm tomorrow! Based on the GFS I’m still doubtful, but I’ve been wrong before!

  6. What’s up with that? It usually never happens when they say it will! I will stick with your forecasts Chris, you usually know what you’re talking about. EC tends to panic when it comes to the Alberni Valley.

  7. Strange. I still think this will be another non-event, but I’ll get the snow shovel out just in case!

  8. YAY for snow! Of course, I just took my plow off the quad yesterday so I could go for a ride above the clouds …and it isn’t pleasant to get back on – especially since I drove through a lot of icy water which has created a ball of ice underneath! And you know as soon as I battle it and get the dang thing on, it’ll just rain!!! I know, think positive – I am pretty positive that’s what’ll happen, though! ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Well I guess the rain gauge move is really gonna wait now. That was on my to-do list for today, but the wind sensor cable is too short, so that needs extending first. Thankfully, it’s just 4-pin phone cord. There’s lots for the consoleISS connection so might steal some of that. But, it’s still friggin’ cold out here!

  10. yipee, Bring on some fun weather, need some cheering up after taking down my xmas decorations.

  11. Now it has turned to snow up here, and starting to stick. I’ll keep you updated for the Junction of Hwy 4/Port Alberni Hwy.

  12. Awesome thanks Eve. Ya by the webcam it looks like it’s starting to stick at Alberniweather HQ as well.

    And here at VIU in Nanaimo it has started with some sleet… looks like we’re about a half hour behind you.

  13. It started as rain downtown here, but now it’s snow and the streets are turning white! The temperature is right on the cusp of snow/rain, so anything could happen.

  14. 1st Ambulance gone up the Hwy, there’s a guy down in gully by Chrysler, people seem to be slipping all over and visibility is quite poor………that’s all I know for now.

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