Fire taming rain coming? Also Wind. Will Mars Bomber be saved?

It’s been a crazy morning.  This petition: has gone nuts (over 2000 signatures in less than 48 hours!) and I seem to be getting calls from every TV and Radio station in BC!  If you are on twitter use #bringbackthemars Please share it on Facebook and write the premier at 20140717-121906-44346770.jpg   As for us, there is a little rain in the forecast… but I should emphasis, very little.  Only a few millimetres between today and Sunday evening. wa_pcp48.60.0000 Don’t worry too much about your camping plans unless you are on the West Coast.  And unless you are in the fog zone on the West Coast, No Campfires!!  We don’t need any more fires in the province than we already have. It should clear and warm up a bit again next week but nothing crazy like the past week heatwave.  Hopefully the folks in the Interior get a little rest, but with the winds this weekend and only a little rain, it will be tough. Thoughts to them at this difficult time.  Information about the fires is at 10560388_10152504209450673_1672386646209781969_o This Post is categorized under climate change because this *is* a predicted outcome of global warming and climate change.  We expect things to become drier, especially in our interior.  And dry spells to last longer.  We will need all the help we can get for our forests and homes and cities.

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  1. I think we need to put the past 15 years in perspective. The 1980s and 1990s were the wettest on record, so even a moderately wet decade would seem dry by comparison. The 1981-2010 period was still the 2nd wettest 30 year climate normal period on record (after the 1971-2000 period), so let’s not get too alarmist here. If we get a dry decade like we saw in the 1930s, then sure, let’s get worried.

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