We’re going to start out the week this week dry… Monday should be reasonably pleasant. EC is giving us some snow tonight but I think it’s not going to happen until early tomorrow morning at the earliest, likely not until after dawn on Tuesday.

I think there is a good possibility that our pocket of cold air sticks around tomorrow morning. That means a bunch of really messy, slushy, snowiness. Similar to Friday night when I found myself sliding sideways towards the stop sign at Grandview Rd. and Compton! (it’s been a long time since I’ve done that!)

I do think it will eventually turn to rain though by afternoon on Tuesday at the latest so I wouldn’t bother with the shovel.

EC has us with rain all week and quite warm temperatures. But I gotta say I’m a little sceptical. The air isn’t *that* warm up high… and Tuesdays system seems to be the only one so far that really pushes the needle towards the rain side of things. Keep an eye on those Wednesday and Thursday forecast… cuz I think they are liable to get a little whiter.

In other news….

Did you know that the Arctic has set or tied record lows for ice extent in the past 3 straight months? December and January both set record lows and February tied with 2005.

This is in large part due to a very late freeze in Hudsons Bay and a lack of ice in many other areas in Canada.

And yet at the same time we have this happening (the report is from last August):

OTTAWA — Sustained cuts to Environment Canada weather-service programs have compromised the government’s ability to assess climate change and left it with a “profoundly disturbing” quality of information in its data network, says a newly released internal government report.

The stinging assessment, obtained through an access-to-information request, suggests that Canada’s climate network infrastructure is getting progressively worse and no longer meets international guidelines.

And yet the next Federal Budget is proposing a 20% cut to Environment Canada!. You can imagine how I feel about this. But I want to hear your opinion. Is this something that would sway your opinion in the next election? The Chretien Government was the first to really wield the axe at EC back in its deficit cutting days… should the Conservatives be doing the same thing or can we afford to cut anymore?

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3 thoughts on “Dry monday – Messy Tuesday – Wet Week

  1. Cut back EC? I THINK NOT! We get our weather at work directly from EC, and the grammar is already bad enough. Any more cuts, and no-one will be able to understand them anymore. Not to mention relying too much on computers to make your forecasts…..well, let’s just say it doesn’t work too well out here.

  2. Chris – obviously I’m opposed to any more cuts, but sway my opinion? I would never have voted for them in the first place, so it makes no difference to my vote.

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