Update 2: The Snowfall Warning has now ended. I’ll have a new post up tomorrow.

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OK. So we’ve been teased for the past week… I’ve never seen forecasts so variable and unreliable right up to the day of.

But now, it seems… they’re getting serious. They’re talking about a Winter Storm. Those are not words they use often around here. It basically means wind, and snow… lots of both.

Batten down the hatches folks, get out the snow shovels and make sure you have your chains ready. Even though the forecast has been so weird… they seem pretty serious this time, and last I checked, there were snowflakes in the air outside.

Here’s the SnowFall Warning:

Start Quote:

A major winter storm with heavy snow expected for the south coast beginning later today with 10 to 20 cm snowfall accumulation by Tuesday.

This is a warning that significant snowfall is expected or occurring in these regions. Monitor weather conditions..Listen for updated statements.

A strong Arctic ridge of high pressure over the British Columbia interior will continue to bring cold dry Arctic air across the north and central coast regions. Strong outflow winds through the inlets and valleys will combine with cold temperatures to give wind chill values of minus 20 or below to the north and central coasts tonight into Tuesday.

A moist frontal system arriving from the pacific will mix with the Arctic air over the south coast giving snow at times heavy over parts of Vancouver Island late this afternoon and then spread to the Lower Mainland early this evening. Total snowfall amounts of 10 to 20 centimetres are expected before the snow changes to rain on Tuesday. Freezing rain will begin during the transition to rain particularly over the Lower Fraser Valley and eastern sections of metro Vancouver. The freezing rain will end over eastern sections of metro Vancouver Tuesday morning and over the Fraser Valley in the afternoon. Strong easterly winds 50 to 70 km/h will also develop this evening over West Vancouver Island ahead of the frontal system and then ease overnight.

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21 thoughts on “Days of Teasing… now a Warning!

  1. I agree. Snowfall warning? The forecasts are coming more into line now, but I don’t think any real precipitation will start ’till later tomorrow afternoon – so I’m not sure why they issued a warning already. Also I think EC may be overestimating the amounts. We’ll see I guess.

  2. bah.. lol.. there are stars out!! its chilly but.. i am not convinced.. hehee but we are gonna prepare for the worst.. but pray for the best..

  3. Gotta luv the forecast….2-4cm of snow in the afternoon for Ukee, only to have it start raining in the evening…what a lovely mess that will create!


  4. Interesting that the highway cam on Alberni Summit doesn’t show any signs of obvious snow. But we all know that can change in 30 seconds.

  5. I’m in Edmonton right now – we just got the ‘2nd coldest place on earth’ spot last night at -57 w/windchill! But Geez – it sounds like you guys aren’t far behind! hahaha!!! Can’t wait to be back, though! Hopefully the highways will be clear enough for my poor little Yaris! great in the snow, but a tad lacking in the height!!!

  6. Finally! I can’t wait to shovel the driveway tomorrow morning! The roads are very slippery at this point though, so drive with care!

  7. O.K. Tek Wiz over there on the other side just pooped on my parade. He said the forcast just changed?
    We’re getting some NWest gusts out here in Beaver Creek. What forcast is he talkin’ bout. Chris, are you home safe yet?

  8. Looks like the forecast has warmed a little, but they’re still calling for a solid 15cm tonight and more tomorrow before it turns to rain. It is definitely right on the edge of being rain right now, so it’s probably going to be very localized.

    I made it home fine 🙂 It was Christmas Concert night too so just got everything all wrapped up. 😉

  9. Hmm, lucky you guys…we got nothing but rain out here in Ukee. Though, I swear that I saw a couple solid looking raindrops in the headlights tonight.

  10. Get a kick out of the cluckin over the current weather. I remember talking to Mr. Homewood, he had the grocery store down on lower Argyle in the block where Belle Amies is now. Used to read his diary to me when I delivered groceries to him on River Rd. in the 50’s and he wrote about the canal being frozen over and taking supplies by sled down to the fish boats frozen in at Underwood cove. Think this must have been in the mid 20’s? what ever happened to these old timers records anyhow. Wonder if the historical soc,or museum has them? Now that was extreem weather!

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