Cold Returns – East Coast Snow Friday Night – Basement Renos

Here comes the “S” word.  Snow. And lets throw in the “I” word too… Ice.

It is going to rain a whole bunch tonight Thursday and into Friday.  It will stay warm for those days.  After the last rain passes through it is supposed to get very cold (-8ºC Saturday morning) very quickly and in that transition there is a chance for snow on the East Coast especially.

I do not expect significant snow in Port Alberni Friday night but we might get some flurries.

Looks like "Strait effect" snow pattern setting up.  Will bring snow to east coast of Vancouver Island.
Image is for 10PM Friday to 1AM Saturday.  Looks like “Strait effect” snow pattern setting up. Will bring snow to east coast of Vancouver Island.  It will be very localized. Maximum accumulation of 10 cm / 4 inches in blue.

 If you are planning on doing any shopping or travelling over the Hump on the weekend you are definitely going to want to watch out on Saturday morning and afternoon.

It is supposed to get very cold on Saturday and Sunday too so please watch for ice.

There was a chance at some more snow for Monday but that chance seems to have disappeared from the models so we’ll just leave it at that for now.

Be careful driving out there.  I’ll have more details on the snow chances for Friday night tomorrow and Friday.

Basement Renos are Interrupting Weather Conditions

In case you’re wondering why the condition updates have been offline a bunch lately, I’m having my basement renovated.  This is of course causing some disruption in power and other things.   So I would expect in the next week to two weeks that the conditions will be offline quite often but they should always fall back to the conditions from the Airport so my apologies for the outages but in the end, it’s going to be a great renovation and it will make it easier for all my weather and computer gear too! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Cold Returns – East Coast Snow Friday Night – Basement Renos

  1. What’s happening with you site? First I noticed that you rain gauge didn’t appear to be working, and now the past couple of days it says that the station reports are delayed.

    1. Doing renos in the basement that are interrupting the feed for a while. It should be mostly done by this weekend but will be intermittent at best until then. The conditions from the airport fill in most of the values in the top right boxes but everything else will be frozen.

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