UPDATE 3: Snowfall warning for East Vancouver Island issued 5 to 10 cm of snow is expected tonight.

Update 2 Just took a peak at the forecast into next week and wow… Canada looks cold from Coast to Coast to Coast.

This is Tuesday: (blue is below 0C, purple -10, grey -20)

Just saw on the DriveBC Website that they are reporting (@4:58AM) blowing snow on eastern parts of Highway 4 (towards Coombs/Qualicum).

Please make sure you drive with care this morning. If you’re going over to the East Coast today, there is a good chance you will see a lot of snow in the air, and perhaps some on the ground, especially the further North you go.

You can see on the temperature map on Island Weather.ca this morning that we’re down near 1C north of Nanaimo (the blue area).

UPDATE: As of 6AM to 8AM this morning there was no snow falling on my journey from Port Alberni to Nanaimo. Light rain in Nanaimo

The major Arctic air isn’t supposed to start blowing in until something this afternoon and evening so that might mean it will stay bare and wet for most of the day. But come tonight and tomorrow. Expect snow wherever you go, and more on the East side than here.

The forecast is calling for 5cm of snow for us in Port Alberni. If that comes true, we will certainly have a winner. I’d say RevJim has the best shot right now! The Official Alberniweather Snow Ruler is ready and waiting at my frontdoor! My lovely wife will be in charge through the day today and she’ll let me know if and when there is a winner so that I can announce it but I think it will happen tomorrow.

Good Luck! Have fun and stay safe out in the snow.

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11 thoughts on “Beware Blowing Snow (Updated)

  1. Environment Canada is now in agreement with the GFS that we’ll go as low as -10 by Tuesday! I’m not so sure we’ll get much snow here though.

  2. The GFS (12GMT) is now saying we won’t hit sub-zero until tonight on the southern part of the Island but once we get there it sticks until well into next week but the threat of snow only lasts until tomorrow afternoon.

  3. No snow here yet, which doesn’t surprise me….next Thursday to Saturday might be interesting though: looks like temp around 2C and lots of precipitation!

  4. Heheh eve 🙂 My wife shares your unimpressed-ness

    I think Bills right though, once the cold air finally reaches us later today it’ll set us up for hopefully a big dump next week.

    There are some spots with a lot of snow on the East Coast… a foot or more in spots.

    What I want to know is… in the past 10 years, has Port Alberni got the amount of snow that would be “expected” for us? We have this reputation for getting more snow than other areas.. this is demonstrated by the warning criteria for us being 15cm rather than only 5cm for others. But yet, in the recent past it’s the East Coast that consistently gets these systems that spin snow off of Georgia Strait.

    Climate Change?

  5. The winter of 2008-2009 was pretty snowy. It actually stayed on the ground from mid-December ’till at least the end of January. I have pictures of our car almost totally buried in the driveway. It’s too bad EC doesn’t keep snow records though, so we can compare.

  6. I moved here in 1978, and the first few winters I was here there was snow and ice for weeks at a time. We skated on the pond near the log train trail off Burde Street.

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