50mm and counting in Port Alberni … 200mm in Tofino!

Wow. You think it’s been raining hard in Port Alberni today… how about getting 3 times that in Tofino!

You can check out the full stats for the station at Wickaninnish School in Tofino here.

Here are the two stations:

Tofino rainfall

Alberniweather Rainfall

It seems the same… until you look at the scale on the left of the graph… mine only goes to 40mm… theirs, over 200mm!

Other stations around the area:
They’ve got 86mm of rain in Ucluelet,, 96mm at Bamfield, 69mm at Bowser, and only 15mm so far at Winchealsea in Parksville.

Expect it to keep raining through the night, we should get a small break early in the morning before the next front hits us.

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5 thoughts on “50mm and counting in Port Alberni … 200mm in Tofino!

  1. I have 88mm so far since midnight on my station.  I’m surprised by the difference, but I imagine your height of equipment allows for any wind to blow rain past the tipping bucket.   

  2. Ya the stations at Maquinna and Alberni Elementary are at 69mm and 59mm respectively, so I’m definitely the low end, but not hugely out of line given my spot here on top of the hill and the station at the top of the house.

    Would be awesome to have a station out Beaver Creek or Cherry Creek… bet they’d give you a run for your money. 🙂

  3. Yup, either way, the drain in the lawn is going full bore keeping up with the spring that comes off the side of the property.   As of 23:20, I have 97mm fallen.  My station record for a 24hr period (00:00-23:59) is 105mm set back on Nov 15, 2009.  Might be a close one.

  4. Ya, I’ll have to dig up what my record is… it won’t be far off the Nov 2006 events.

    Interesting this morning the Alberni Elementary station has recorded more rain than the Maquinna station.

    I’m still on the low end… Good gusts overnight though.

  5. I have the same problem with my raingauge – wind and a large tree that provides a rain shadow. So my 89mm for Tuesday should have been more like 150mm or so.

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