September 28, 2022

24 Hour Graphs

The last 24 hours

Outside Temperature and Dewpoint (ºC)

24 hour Temperature and Dewpoint Graph

Rain (Hourly Total mm)

24 hour Rain Hourly Total Graph

Humidity (%)

24 hour Humidity Graph

Barometer (hPa/mbar)

24 hour Barometer Graph

Sustained Winds and Gusts (meters/sec)

24 hour Wind and Gusts Graph

Windchill and Heat Index (ºC)

24 hour Windchill and Heat Index Graph

Wind Vector (meters/sec)

24 hour Wind Vector Graph

Wind Direction (º)

24 hour Wind Direction Graph

Solar Radiation (W/m2)

24 hour Solar Radiation Graph

UV Index

24 hour UV Index Graph

Station Signal Quality

24 hour wireless station signal

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