September 28, 2022

30 Day Graphs

Outside Temperature and Dewpoint (ºC)

30 Day Temperature and Dewpoint Graph

Rain (Daily Total mm)

30 Day Rain Hourly Total Graph

Humidity (%)

30 Day Humidity Graph

Barometer (hPa/mbar)

30 Day Barometer Graph

Sustained Winds and Gusts (meters/sec)

30 Day Wind and Gusts Graph

Windchill and Heat Index (ºC)

30 Day Windchill and Heat Index Graph

Wind Vector (meters/sec)

30 Day Wind Vector Graph

Wind Direction (º)

30 Day Wind Direction Graph

Solar Radiation (W/m2)

30 Day Solar Radiation Graph

UV Index

30 Day UV Index Graph

Station Signal Quality

30 Day wireless station signal

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